Epsom Downs Model Aircraft Club formed.

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VIDEO of world record control line speed flight
FAI confirm record.
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The author I live near Epsom, Surrey in the UK and fly radio controlled (r/c) models. My regular flying site is Epsom Downs, where I have flown since around 1992. This web site contains some information for potential modellers, a few aerial photos and links to other web sites. As time permits this site will be extended.

In R/C modelling - as in many other aspects of life - there is often no definite right and wrong answer to a particular problem. Most people have their own opinions and ways of doing things. You can sometimes ask 5 modellers the same question and get 6 different answers! All of the answers will be right - at least to the individual giving the answer, at the time the answer was given - probably.

Limbo Dancer in flight Evening at The Downs

Everything in these web pages should be regarded as my personal opinion and is given in good faith.

John Privett
January 1999 - December 2003

Thanks to Grant Kinnaird for the two pictures above, taken on the Downs on June 16 2000. All other pictures I'll own-up to!

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