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Some of my planes


Pictured before it's first flight in May 2001 this Excelsior 163 replaces the Saphir pictured below.

Limbo Dancer

Completed in January 2000 this is my Limbo Dancer.  Outrageous sized control surfaces, light weight and a thick wing section are the characteristics of a fun-fly model - and this one certainly is 'fun-to-fly!'.  An Irvine 36 at the front hauls it along.


Now in semi-retirement following the Excelsior's completion, a Saphir by Dave Smith Models. It looks a little battle-worn now, half the ABS cowl has disappeared and the Super Tigre 51 now sports a Weston mini-pipe.


This was my Tucano. Built from a Chiltern Models plan/pack it was a little under-powered with an OS40 four-stroke at the front. It's final flight ended when the motor cut at an awkward moment and I let it get too slow. Those tapered wings tip-stall easily!


My old Acrowot. I liked this - a lot. It handled nicely and went where you pointed it. I lost it to disorientation flying too far away, downwind in poor light.

Jr. Tiger

This Jr. Tiger followed the Pronto and proved an ideal 'second' model.  Built from the Carl Goldberg (American) kit, it was initially hauled along by a 1970's vintage Enya .19.  This was later replaced by a Fuji .25 (as pictured here) which provided rather more 'oomph', but refused to idle at anything below about 5000 rpm.  Calls of 'landing' followed shortly afterwards by 'Going round!' were frequently heard towards the end of the Jr. Tiger's flights.  When the Fuji sheared the crankpin it was replaced by an OS. 40 four-stroke - which for a while earned me the nickname, 'Tractor'.  The Enya made a brief comeback before it (the motor) gracefully wore out and died.  What happened to the plane I don't recall exactly.  I must have pranged it eventually as there are no odd bits of it kicking around in the workshop!


My trainer when I re-learnt to fly after a 15 year gap!  This is a Pronto-G designed by David Boddington (along with about 600 other planes!) and built from the Nexus Publications plan.  A cheap Magnum 40 provided the thrust to keep it airborne. I later used this plane to take the aerial photos on the site.