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Aerial photos

The aerial shots below were all taken using a cheap compact 35mm camera installed in my old 'Pronto' trainer. As the foam padding was insufficient to kill the vibration all shots were taken 'deadstick' on the way down after climbing to height. Aiming can be a little 'hit and miss' but I think the results are worthwhile. Try it and you'll probably discover features close to your flying site that you never knew existed.

These shots were taken before the strip was moved to it's current location, approximately 100 metres to the west.

Click on the individual pictures for a bigger and higher-quality version.

View of the Grandstand - dull day 400 ASA film
The Strip
Car Park and flying strip on a quiet afternoon
RAC Club
View to the West, RAC Golf Course at top of picture
The Grandstand again from a lower altitude!
Tattenham Corner
Looking East from the Downs.
Tattenham Corner station at the bottom left
Time to land
Running out of height now, time to land!