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Sandown 2000

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Sandown 2000

A collection of pictures taken at the Model Symposeum at Sandown Park on Sunday 7th May 2000.  Just for a change the weather was good, it didn't rain and the wind was mostly light and not blowing around the grandstand like it normally seems to - which causes some interesting turbulence for the display pilots to deal with.

Christophe Paysant-Le Roux gives a clue as to why he is World Aerobatics Champion and we aren't!

Reach for the sky!
That's not what you'd call a small plane! The same plane as in the 2 pictures above this is the ZN Line Majestic.  A touch less than two metres in both wingspan and length, it weighs a little over four and a half kilos and is powered by a YS 140L.
Modeltech Ultimate

"OK, I'll just hang around here for a while, you guys can fly over there if you want!" 

The Pete Tindall team in action.  This particular model features elevators that move to virtually 90 degrees in both directions and seemed to be most at home hovering just above the grass like this.

A cluster of Panics? A swarm of Panics? A flock, a jumble? Just what do you call a large group of these biplanes?
A Sukhoi and......
... a Cub.  Just to show that not all ARTFs are boring trainers.